Things to avoid in Barcelona

Overpriced Items: There are a ton of vendors placed in very specific areas where they tend to increase the price to almost 3 or 4 times the amount it would be anywhere else. For example, just outside Park Guel there will be plenty of people selling trinkets like fake sunglasses, jewelry and souvenirs. You will be better off heading to a more non-touristy place to get all of these things. 

Take Taxis Everywhere: Taxis are extremely expensive in the city and are completely not necessary. For a fraction of the price, you can take the Metro and you won’t feel so trapped and penniless. It will cost you less than one euro instead of about 20-40 euro in a taxi. 

Take Pictures of Statues Without Paying: This happens hundreds of times a day and although it may seem acceptable, it really is not. Entertainers spend hours on streets like Las Ramblas and if you really do want to take a picture with or of them, carry around some loose change and drop it in their box before going crazy with the camera. 

Dress and Act Like a Tourist: Although this may seem a little harsh because you are in fact a tourist, it will only allow for you to be more of a target for scammers and pickpocketers out there, which is exactly what you want to avoid. 

Explore Only Touristy Areas: There are so many more incredible places other than Las Ramblas and Barceloneta. Get out there, explore, wander and discover just how awesome the entire whole of Barcelona truly is!

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