Money Tips

•    Keep up to date on the currency exchange to avoid getting ripped off or scammed
•    Only exchange money at a place that looks legitimate with the proper documentation shown
•    Before heading to Barcelona, be sure to have several different means of payment (cash, credit, checks, etc.)
•    Only head out of your accommodation with the amount of money needed for the day
•    You may withdraw cash from local ATM’s and banks but you should know that the fee for doing so is sometimes extremely high, especially in touristy areas like Las Ramblas and Barceloneta
•    When heading out for the day in Barcelona, put your different means of payment on separate locations (credit card in wallet, cash in front pocket and check in different pocket inside of purse, etc.)
•    ALWAYS wear your purse or backpack in front of you to avoid theft and pickpockets 
•    If you are eligible for one, get a credit card that does not charge international fees, in order to save unnecessary charges during your trip

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