Cinemas (English)


If you are in Barcelona without speaking Spanish, you can face some difficulties by finding the right cinema. Most movies in Spanish television and in the cinemas are synchronized or dubbed and not in their original English language.

However, Barcelona as a metropolitan city offers also movies in the original version with Spanish subtitles. If you see V.O. (Version originally) or V.O.S. (Version Original Subtitulada) it means that the movies will be shown in the original version and not in Spanish.

This article is a guideline to find movies in their original version in order to find the right places to enjoy a good movie.

List of cinemas in Barcelona in original version

Cine Verdi, Gracias district


One of the best cinemas with its small avenue and relaxing atmosphere. The movies are in English with subtitles. There are five different screens in the cinema.

General Price: € 5.75
Location: Verdi 43
Metro: Joanic L4 or Fontana L3

Phone: (+34) 932 387 800


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Icária Yelmo Cineplex

One of the biggest and most famous cinema complexes in Barcelona. This cinema inside a shopping centre has 15 screens. You can watch the latest blockbusters here and there is a huge variety to choose. Due to the big capacity, there are never long queues. It is a great place to enjoy a good movie.


Ticket Price: Not over €7
Location: Salvador Espri 61
Metro: Ciutadella Vila Olimpica L4

Phone: (+34) 93 221 75 85



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Malda cinema

This cinema shows every week two shows for a single ticket. The movies are mainly in their original language. It is located in the heart of the barrio Gotico. You can get a reduction in ticket price on Wednesday and on Friday and Saturday for late night movies. It is the right address for everyone who is looking for a small cinema with low prices.


Location: del Pi 5
Metro: Liceu L3

Phone: (+34) 93 317 85 29











(Father's Day)


Hours might differ







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Filmoteca de Catalunya

Raval´s cultural cinema centre


This is the epicentre of all variety of Catalan cinema with a high quality program of movies. It is a shining new building in the Raval district, which was inaugurated in February 2012. Although most of the movies are in Catalan, you can also find selected movies in their original language (with Catalan subtitles).

During the Barcelona film festival some movies are shown in this building. You should check the schedule during your visit in Barcelona. For example, there is a German film festival that takes place every November.

Avenida Sarrià 31-33


Cines Renoir Floridablanca

This cinema is a middle sized with four auditoriums. You can see many different movies. It is only 10 minutes walking minutes away from Placa Catalunya.

At Calle Floridablanca, 135. Take Metro L2, and stop at San Antoni.


Cinemes Méliès


The cinema is located in Eixample near the University (102 Carrer Villarroel). There are always films in their original version. The cinema shows mainly independent films, but also provides a regular mainstream program for the visitors. Definitely one of the hippest movie theatres in Barcelona. The right address for movie lovers who are looking for a cool place without too many visitors.