Best Beaches

One of the amazing things in Barcelona is the opportunity to see a great city full of historical architectures & attractions combined with nature such as beaches & mountains.


There are plenty of great beaches along the Mediterranean coastline – from lovely beach villages to coves or beaches in the city like the Barceloneta beach. You cannot go on a trip to Barcelona without visiting the beaches, especially during sunny days. The city itself has some beautiful beaches to offer. These beaches are exciting, loud and filled with people during the high season months, June, July and August. You can find plenty of seafood restaurants around, see interesting performances or go for a swim. Another option is to take a 30 minute train ride to a small city called Sitges where you can find beaches that have crystal-blue water, clean sand and a fraction of the people. The paella near the beaches are amazing, too!


La Barceloneta beach


Barceloneta beach is certainly the most popular beach in Barcelona. It is the closest to the city centre and the most easily accessible. On sunny days and the weekends, there are always plenty of tourists and locals at this beach. Beach bars called “Chiringuitos” are famous in Spain. There are great Chiringuitos in Barceloneta where you can relax, sit with friends and enjoy the view


Enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of Chiringuito (beach café)

How to go to Barceloneta beach?

Ride to the Metro stop Barceloneta with the Yellow line (L4). Once you exit the metro station, turn right and cross the main street. Continue walking straight for 5-10 minutes. You will be able to see the marina area on your right while you are walking.

Bogatell beach

If you are looking for a beach in Barcelona and do not want to leave the city, you can go to Bogatell beach. It is a bit more relaxed and cleaner than Barceloneta beach. Ping pong tables and volleyball courts can be seen at the beach. The further you go away from Barceloneta, the fewer people there will be at the beach.


Sitges  – Ready for a daytrip?

Sitges is a small town located around 30 kilometres south of Barcelona. There are in total 17 beaches, which are lively and clean. You can find gay friendly and nudist beaches as well as family beaches. Also, you can find classic art deco buildings and palm trees along the promenade.


How to get there?

This beach is located outside of Barcelona. From Sants station, it takes around 30 minutes by train.

La Mar Bella beach

Do you like water sports? If the answer is yes, this beach is the one for you! You can enjoy windsurfing, kayaking, cycling, skating or jogging along the beach since it is ideal for any kind of sport activity. If you want to relax, you can sit back and enjoy the sun and ocean! It is also a popular destination for nudists.


How to get there?

Metro Station: Poble Nou

Badalona beach

When you catch the train from Placa Catalunya to Badalona (R1 towards Mataro), you will find yourself on a beautiful and relaxing beach in just 20 minutes, with only a portion of the crowds compared to Barceloneta. Badalona is just north of Barcelona and is easy to reach. Locals go here to avoid the crowds in high season.


General information

! Pick-pockets at the beach !

Tourists love Barcelona! Barcelona is also one of the most dangerous cities in the world when it comes to pick pocketing. It is also a serious problem at the beaches because the thieves have it easy when tourists are relaxing in the sun and not minding their belongings. I would suggest to not take expensive things with you to the beach, but if you do, never leave it unattended. Put your belongings by your side, and if you do go swimming, ask someone trustworthy to look after your things.

Overview: Beach locations in Barcelona


Bathing season calendar in Barcelona

When is the best time to go to the beaches?

  • The beach season in Barcelona is usually from 15th March until 15th November when all installations and facilities are dismantled. The high season starts from 31st May to 28th September.
  • Be aware that there are many nudist beaches in Barcelona! Whether you want to avoid it or go there, you should do your research. Overall, it is not a problem for woman to be topless at all beaches.
  • Beaches in Barcelona are kitted out for people with disabilities, and lifeguards and equipment, such as the sun beds, are well maintained!