Funicular in Barcelona

Although a means of public transportation, the fun funiculars found in Barcelona have become somewhat more of a tourist attraction and make for an excellent way to see the city from a bird’s eye view. There are two funiculars that visitors may enjoy including both the Montjuic and the Tibado, all very easily reachable. 

Montjuic Funicular

Montjuic Funicular was opened way back in the year 1928 and was said to be at that time the fastest cable railway in the entire world. In being so, it moved around 6,000 people in just one hour to Montjuic Mountain. Today, it has been completely remodeled and fully restored to allow for bigger cable cars allowing more people to experience the wonder all together. 

Departure: Parlel-el Metro Station
What to See: The Sacred Family, the cathedral, Placa Catalonia and the Forum before arriving within close walking distance to the Olympic Ring and the Joan Miro Foundation. 

Tibidabo Funicular

The Tibidabo Funicular is even older than the Montjuic Funicular as it was opened in the year 1901. It has since then been modernized twice in both 1922 and 1958 and serves today as one of the most used funiculars and cable cars throughout the city.funicilurar-tibidabo-barcelona.jpg  

Departure: Doctor Andreu Square (located at the end of Tibadabo Ave)
Prices: Varies depending on season.
What to See: A birds eye view of the city as well as arrival to the city’s only amusement park, Tibidabo where couples, families and friends can enjoy a day full of fun and excitement.