Shopping Tips

•    The biggest sales for shops and stores typically take place during the months of July/August as well as January/February. During this time, look for the words “REBAJAS” or “REBAIXES”.
•    Remember that if you are in Barcelona during the holidays, the shops are typically open on the 4 Sundays before Christmas and closed Christmas Day and New Year’s.
•    If you are there during the holidays, your best chance of finding an open shop is at the smaller ones because they do not abide by the same laws as the bigger shopping malls and department stores.

barcelona-shopping.jpg •    Whatever shopping area (Passeig de Gracia or Portal de ‘lAngel) you are shopping at, be sure to pay close attention to your things and avoid wearing a backpack so that you avoid any pickpocketing problems

.•    If you want to avoid looking like a tourist, then simply dress like the Catalans do! 
•    Some of the best spots to find unique treasures and gems to take back home with you are at the smaller local shops or the smaller markets that are not so crowded.
•    Never be too worried about finding places to eat within the major shopping areas as there are ALWAYS plenty of fun and lively cafes, resturants and tapas bars to head into while taking a break from shopping.