La Boqueria: Also known as Mercat de Sant Josep, it is fairly safe to say that this definitely the most well-known markets in Barcelona. Located on La Rambla, this market is always packed full of people on the search for various types of food and treasures. It is not to be missed while in Barcelona!


As you make your way through the grand iron entrance, you will soon find yourself completely surrounded by every fruit imaginable, treats galore and a variety of different foods from all nationalities. At first you may be slightly overwhelmed with the noises, a mixture of heavenly smells and the slippery icy floors but once you have had just one taste of the many foods here you will be thankful you chose to explore this wonder. 

However, if walking around and making your way through the crowds does become too much, then take a seat at one of the many bars scattered throughout the market la-boqueria-barcelona-market.jpg where you will find both food and drink for purchase. Though the most famous one, El Pinotxo is located right near the entrance and is often extremely crowded, chances are the further inside the market you head, the more bar stools will be available for you to grab and enjoy.

Being able to experience such a grand tradition that exudes the city’s love for coming together and enjoying great food is something that you will be able to find at Boqueria Food Market. One walk through this place with a delicious serving of either fresh fruit, cheese or seafood place is guaranteed to have you wanting to come back again the next day for even more.

Mercadillo de la placa de Sant Josep: Although a rather small market located on Placa de Sant Josep Oriol, this is one that art lovers will surely not want to miss out on. Displays of works of art by about 15 Catalan artists makes this a cozy and personal experience that both locals and tourists can enjoy. 

Mercat Del Encants: This Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday market is one of the most popular and most loved flea markets in all of Barcelona. Though it can come off as quite bizarre and odd to many tourists, there is a plethora of random treasures, gems and unique accessories to rummage through and possibly take home with you. 

Fira de Santa Llucia: If you are lucky enough to be in Barcelona during the holiday season, you will get to experience this lovely Christmas fair, filled to the brim with festive holiday treasures. It goes from December 1st-December 24th and is something you will most definitely not want to miss!