Entertainment, Culture & Nightlife 

One of the things that sets Barcelona apart from so many other destinations throughout the world is its vibrant and lively atmosphere. From the flamenco shows on Las Ramblas to the crowded bars where both locals and tourists gather to watch FC Barcelona face their opponents, there is always something exciting happening throughout the city. 

The peofestival-merce-barcelona.jpg ple of Barcelona are some of the most passionate about life throughout the region and with just one walk through the streets, parks or city squares, you will surely be able to see it radiating. If you are hoping to not only sightsee during your time spent in Barcelona, then there are numerous options for experiencing entertainment, culture and nightlife at nearly every turn. 

Being able to experience first hand what Barcelona and its Catalan people are all about is something truly extraordinary as well as something you surely won’t be able to get enough of. Year after year, travelers from all over the world return to Barcelona not only to see the same attractions they saw the year before but to also take part in the lively and brilliantly vibrant culture that exudes each street corner and alleyway. 

Although Barcelona is fantastic throughout all parts of the day, when the sun sinks down below that horizon and the siestas are finished, get ready to experience the time of your life. Whether you want to take part in a fun pub crawl, see a movie at the local cinemas, sip on your favorite beverage while live Spanish music plays in the background or plan your entire trip around a certain event taking place, it is ALL possible while in beautiful Barcelona. 


Entertainment & Fun 

If you are planning a trip to Barcelona and want to make sure you soak up all of the fun that is available to you, then you are probably wondering what the options are. Though the list is nearly endless, here a few ideas to get you started thinking about what sort of fun you want to have while there…

Casino: If you are feeling lucky, then why not head to the fun Casino in Barcelona that is beautifully located right by the beach and close to the city center? You can test your luck by playing the classic casino games like Black Jack, Russian Roulette, Poker and so many more! With plenty of great restaurants nearby along with music venues, this is a far from boring option that will keep you well entertained all night long!

Music: If there is one thing that the Spanish are known for, it is their fantastic music and the ability to perform it. From musical theaters, concerts and shows hosting both local and international artists throughout the entire year, you are sure to find at least a couple fun music venues and shows to check out!

Every night Barcelona offers tons of live music shows all around the city and apart from that there are places where you can always experience nice, musical evening, here are our favourites. 

Harlem Jazz Club: One of the city’s oldest and most loved jazz venues throughout all of Barcelona, Harlem Jazz Club offers brilliant showcases. They feature shows such as blues, flamenco fusion and even African and Brazilian jazz combos that ar sure to keep you entertained all night.

Palau de la Musica Catalana: An architectural masterpiece by Domenech i Montaner, Palau de la Musica Catalana is not only a lovely sight to see but is also an UNESCO World Heritage Site as well. They offer performances in orchestral, chamber and choral music such as the San Francisco Jazz Collective and the Festival Flamenco de Barcelona.

Luz de Gas: This restored music hall turned concert venue is a local favorite where all guests can enjoy outstanding acoustics, jazz, blues, class rock performances and much more. What sets this place apart is the fact that visitors can enjoy a different theme for each night of the week!

Maestros de la Guitarra: In search of the perfect place to see a life changing Spanish Guitar Concert? Well, you simply will not find a better place than Maestros de la Guitarra. With a unique blend of classical, traditional and more contemporary pieces, you will leave here feeling inspired and in awe having seen and witnessed such marvelous talent.

Pipa's Club: Located in the beautiful Gracia area, Pipa's club is a great place to relax while sipping a nice drink and listening to live jam in chilled and local atmosphere. Every Sunday night the club hosts live jazz, blues and funk concerts!

Flamenco: Ever wanted to see a famous flamenco show up close? Well, there is simply no better place than Barcelona to do just that! Whether you want to head to Las Ramblas or a different location you have heard is just as good, have the time of your life while witnessing a fantastic flamenco show!


Bars & Clubs

No trip to Barcelona would ever be complete without at least one or two nights spent bar and club hopping. Once midnight hits, the city turns into an entirely different place filled with drinks, music and endless fun for both locals and tourists. Try a few bars or clubs each night; chances are, you are going to find your favorite one to keep coming back to year after year. 

Though originally taught and mastered in southern Spain, Flamenco has long time been a tradition in all of Spain, including of course beautiful Barcelona. As a form of Spanish folk music, it quickly caught on and it seemed as if people simply could not get enough of this type of dance. With a contagious rhythm alongside handclapping, and finger snapping, Flamenco quickly became something that the Spanish would be known for for years to come.  Due to the mass popularity of the Flamenco, it was soon spread throughout the entire world whereas dozens of countries now practice and master it through classes and academies. In fact, there are actually more flamenco academies in Japan as of now than the number that has been counted in Spain, its place of origin.

No matter who or where Flamenco is being participated, it is certainly something that people from all over the world can enjoy and continue to progress in. On November 16th, 2010, UNESCO declared flamenco one of the “Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity. With such an incredible honor and with such passion for such a dance and rhythm all over the world, it is no wonder that UNESCO thought to add it to their list.  

While in Barcelona, it is absolutely vital that anyone visiting for the first, second, third or however many times that you have been to this beautiful city, this activity to either see or participate in is at the top of your list. Reserve seats at one of the main venues or find another way that you can gaze upon the pure magnificence and beauty that will come along with being able to be in the presence of some of the world’s greatest Flamenco dancers. It is absolutely one opportunity that you will surely never forget.  

Tablao Cordobes: Centrally located on Las Ramblas, this is the perfect start to a fantastic evening in the area. This place is known to host famous artists from all over the world that come to perform here and put on a show that you will surely never forget.

Palacio del Flamenco: A very elegant and popular place to see a flamenco show with the perfect mix of well-loved professional dancers along with unknown and younger talent in the process of making it big in the industry. Being an intimate venue, this is the perfect place for a couple to head to and enjoy!

Restaurante Nervion: With a fantastic location right in the center of old town and just around the corner from the Picasso Museum, Restaurante Nervion is a great place to head to for both a flamenco show and dinner!
Teatro Poliorama: A unique and special experience unlike any other, here at Teatro Poliorama guests can enjoy a fabulous fusion of theatrical style opera and flamenco. Located right at the end of Las Ramblas, it is easy to find and perfect for before or after dinner to head to!


Theaters & Cinemas

In the more recent years, theaters have truly blossomed throughout Barcelona and the city is now able to offer a plethora of venues to enjoy. Whether you wish to attend a musical, a world famous play, opera show or simply want to see the latest film at a cinema, Barcelona has it all and so much more! Consider heading to these following theaters and cinemas while in Barcelona…



Something that Barcelona has long been known for is its reputation of throwing parties, pub-crawls and nightly club events that both locals and tourists can enjoy. Whether you simply want to grab a drink at a local bar, dance until your heart is content at a club or join in on a fun fiesta of parading through the town, it is all possible while visiting Barcelona. The following information will help you decide where to head to and what you can expect for the crazy nightlife of the city…


Major Events

If you are trying to plan a trip to Barcelona and are not quite sure of when to go, then why not plan it around one of the fun major events that take place throughout the year? You are guaranteed to have loads of fun and take part in something that you would have otherwise missed out on. The following are some of the best ones to consider joining in on…

Summercase: Taking place typically in mid-July weekend, this musical festival is a fantastic time where mainstream pop to experimental music are performed. Found at the Parc del Forum, some of the past festival groups included Flaming Lips, Massive Attack and Chemical Brothers amongst several other great ones. 

Festa Major de Gracia: If you can make it to Barcelona the week of August 15, then you are in for a real treat…quite literally! This popular festival is filled with lively culture that offers food, floats, theatricals, live bands and all-night block parties!


Dia deSant Joan: With a much longer gap of when it occurs, Dia deSant Joan take place from mid-June through early August. This is a unique event seeing as there are venues that participate spread across the entire city with the most popular one being the open-air Greek amphitheater on Montjuic. Enjoy theater, dance and plenty of music to go around!

Festes dela Merce: Throughout the entire week of September 24, partakers of Festes del Merce (Feast of Our Lady of Mercy) will get to enjoy an array of fun events and activities. These include things like athletic meets, exhibitions, fireworks, parades, human towers, giant figures and so much more all in the Placa deSant Jaume. 



If you are hoping to enjoy all of the entertainment, culture and nightlife that beautiful Barcelona has to offer, then before doing so, note these following tips that will help to ensure you have a safe and unforgettable time!

Plan Ahead: If you can look and plan ahead to the specific dates and times of when you will be in Barcelona, you may very well find out new information you wouldn’t have otherwise. Whether it is a party, pub crawl or major event taking place throughout the city, be sure to plan ahead and make the most out of your time!

Buy Tickets Online: If you have already planned ahead and know what particular shows, venues and concerts you want to be sure to enjoy while in Barcelona, then be sure to buy your tickets online ahead of time! Many of the popular shows that take place sell out very quickly so in order to avoid disappointment, buy tickets online whenever possible!

Know Your Accommodation Address: Sometimes, when it comes to partying all night and having fun while drinking, you tend to forget the address or even the name of your accommodation. Some ideas to help you avoid this possibility would be to either take a picture on your phone of the address, grab a business card of your accommodation or always carry a map around with you so you know which metro station you used on the way there. 

Keep Track of Belongings: Throughout the night, you may be hopping from bar to bar or club to club and although it will most likely be all fun and games, you will want to be sure you keep track of all of your belongings. It is extremely easy to misplace or even have something get stolen if you don’t pay attention. The easiest ways to avoid this is to bring the minimal amount along with you and not bring tons of cash or credit cards. 

Have Fun & Let Loose: The final tip for enjoying all things entertainment in Barcelona after following the before mentioned tips is to simply HAVE FUN & LET LOOSE! Barcelona is all about diving into the culture and experiencing things you never have before so get out there, be safe and have the time of your life!