Tapas is the general name used when talking about small dishes of food that are served for the specific purpose of being shared. Whether you are with a large group of friends or with just a couple people, tapas are a fantastic way to set off a sense of community and friendly atmosphere even if you are amongst friends or complete strangers!  There are several different types of tapas ranging anywhere from a plate of sliced cheeses to a mixture of meats, olives, bread and more cheese! Other common names for tapas that you may find inside a Barcelona restaurant menu are “raciones”, “pinchos” or “platos combinados”. tapasspainbarcelona.jpg

With tapas being one of the absolute must try’s while in Barcelona, there is no doubt that you will be enjoying them at one of your first meals in the city. Though as mentioned before, there are several different tapas dishes, there are some that you may want to first consider trying as they are absolutely delicious. Here they are... Anchoas: Unlike your typical anchovies, these ones are not so salty but instead served in vinegar and toped with parsley and garlic. Croquetas: Typically made with either fish, chicken, ham or spinach and are made with a delicious sauce, which is then breaded and deep fried.  Pan con Tomate: The most well-known and loved tapas made of white bread, rubbed with tomato and then slightly drizzled with oil and salt.