We have selected some of the best restaurants in Barcelona which will take you to an amazing journey and will not leave you disappointed! 

Ciudad Condal


Ciudad Condal is only a special place because of the incredible tapas suitable for all tastes. That's the reason why it's always very difficult to find room at the bar. All sorts of customers and a large variety of imported beers. 

Taller de Tapas

A good place for a tapas meal.
This is the best Tapas restaurant in Barcelona. If you want good food, good atmosphere and good services - this is the right place to go.

Dry Martini

Dry Martini is the cocktail bar of Barcelona that has become an icon in the Cocktail World. It opened over 30 years ago. When the founder of mixology, Don Pere Carbonell ran it, the Cocktail Bar was a Martineria and it only served Dry Martinis. Then followed other cocktails like the Gin Fizz, Margaritas, Negronis, Whiskey Sours, etc. 

Palosanto Tapas Bar

Don't miss out on this jewel! It looks like any other bar around it on the outside, but it won't leave you indifferent. This is an amazing tapas meal in a very good atmosphere where Marcos, the chef, knows what he's doing. Make sure you try their Albondigas, delicious meatballs. The experience was topped up by a great musical selection. 

Matsuri restaurant

Enjoy a meal for its impeccable presentation. The perfume of herbs, spices and the blend of flavors between spicy, sweet, and sour touches, adding a pinch of salt and a coolness of mint will have your senses raving. With these principles in mind, we created Matsuri Restaurant, Creative Cuisine from Southeast Asia.


Makamaka Beach Burger Cafe

The one and only Beach Burger Cafe in Barcelona! Big Maka + garlic fries and a beer is the best dinner/lunch or even  breakfast you can have in Barcelona. For atmosphere and food this is a must visit place in Barcelona. There is no place more perfect to close a day at the beach! 

El Vaso de Oro

A typical spanish place, long bar, the food is made behind the counter. 

It's long and incredibly narrow and there is only room for drinkers to stand two-deep at the bar. So, being popular, that means it's often four-deep. It's loud, buzzy and great entertainment. You'll have to be brave and shout your order at the staff, imperious in their white jackets with gold epaulettes. They're more fun than they look.

Ask for a flauta (tall glass) of beer – the bar makes its own. It's hoppy and flavoursome. The food is almost as good. There are the usual tapas and they are all delicious, but don't miss the solomillo con foie (steak with liver pâté). Chunks of meat and slices of foie are fried on the big griddle behind the bar. It's a rich, bloody, salty, deeply unhealthy treat. The griddle is the bar's performance space. The cook is the star – confidence and flair are essential.

El Vaso de Oro is a great place to finish the evening!