Palau de la Musica Catalana

As one of the primary spots to head to while in Barcelona, Palau de la Musica is not just known for the great music that is played within its walls. It is however known for both that and for its incredibly well designed and laid out structure of the building itself. With a mixture of traditional Spanish and Arabic architecture alongside the glazed tiles, stained glass and mosaics that seem to make up nearly every inch of this place, this is one sight that you should be sure not to miss.  

From the amazing entrance brought on by two arches supported by thick pillars o the pure beauty of what lies inside, Palau de la Musica is certainly a place that not only looks pretty to the eye but a place that has great significant meaning and value to the city of Barcelona itself.  The ceilings are decorated with glaze in the shape of stars whereas the staircases are covered with tiles that form gleaming canopies on either side. One walk through here, you may think you have just gone back in time to a point in history that they used to genuinely care and devise every single design that went into place at each and every building.  palau-de-la-musica-catalana-barcelona.jpg

As stated by David Mackay, “The concert hall is one of the most beautiful in the world...without exaggeration. It is one of its most important architectural treasures. It’s pace, simple, complex, mystical and paradoxical, defies accurate description. That being said, Palau de la Musica, is certainly a place that inspires not only musicians and architectures alike but also the people are who are able to walk through and gaze upon the intricate and beautifully designed walls, floors, ceilings and staircases that make up this place.