Tips for Visiting Barcelona Museums


If you are a museum-lover, like so many are that come to Barcelona, then you consider the following tips before you make your way throughout the city. This will help to alleviate the stress that often comes along with being a tourist in a place you may not know so much about at first.

Icon Map  GRAB A MAP!

If you are unable to access your iPhone or Android maps in your phone due to the lack of international service, then you will definitely want to get a map of the city as one of the first things you do. They can be found at several of the tourist information offices and desks in the airport and throughout the city as well. Some standard maps may be free while the very detailed and lengthy maps may cost up to a few euros.


Check out the pages of both the Articket and the Arqueo Ticket that will allow for you to skip the lines at some of the best museums throughout the city. Not only that, they will save you a TON of money that you would have spent otherwise visiting each of the 10 museums that they allow for you to get into. 


One of the worst things that can happen when setting out on a much anticipated day of fun touring and visiting the many museums is arriving at one or all of them just to find out it is closed! To avoid that, be sure to head to each one of the official websites to find out opening and closing times as well as certain dates where holidays may allow it to close all day. 


Although it is so easy to rush through each museum due to the amount of limited time you have in the city, it is much better to simply take in all of that splendor and interesting aspects that each one is able to offer. So, take your time to explore, wander and discover all of the treasures that are available in all 55 museums throughout the beautiful city of Barcelona.