Barcelona Sports and Fun Museums


If you have gone out and explored several of the art and history museums throughout Barcelona and looking for something geared a little more towards sports or fun, then consider visiting the following great museums…



Located at Camp Nou, Barcelona’s FC Stadium, this museum is the fourth most visited throughout the entire city and draws in millions of sports fans all year round. Within the museum, there are several sporting artifacts and fun facts and information for the entire family to enjoy and discover.


Natural Science Museum Barcelona

If you are looking for a museum that both adults and kids will enjoy and also learn from, then there is possibly no better place to head to than the Science Museum of Barcelona. Filled with interesting exhibits that will have you interacting and participating in fun activities the entire visit.


Cosmo Caixa Barcelona Museum

This amazing attraction, which opened in 2005 and where both children and adults can learn while they play, has been heralded as the best science museum in Europe. CosmoCaixa Barcelona has an enormous variety of content and an innovative layout, turning it into one of the most modern museums of its kind. The exhibitions are distributed throughout various rooms, including the Amazon Forest, the Geological Wall, Planetarium, etc. Visitors are invited to interact with many of the scientific experiments, making the whole experience richer and more entertaining, particularly for children. Definitely a must-do if you are visiting Barcelona with Children.


Caixa Forum Barcelona

This fun and dynamic museum serves as the Cultural and Social centre of La Caixa’s Community Projects and is designed in the Art-Nouveau style by the architect Puig I Cadafalch. There are a wide range of opportunites here including concerts, literary events, lectures and multimedia art events making it a fun and always exciting place to spend time in.


Wax Museum Barcelona

Located in a great part of Barcelona with plenty of shops and restaurants around, the Wax Museum is home to historical and comical figures that will have you taking a second glance to see if they are indeed made out of wax! Wander through the Forest of the Fairies to see trick mirrors, fake trees and of course some wax fairies.