Barcelona History Museums

The Museum of the History of Barcelona

MUBHA  An excellent one to begin exploring as it will give you a much deeper sense of understanding and appreciation of the city before heading to all of its other attractions. Filled with various Roman ruins, a video showing the former building, a showing of how fish processes were done and so much more! Hundreds of thousands of visitors come here each year to explore and enjoy.

The Museum of the History of Catalonia

Museum of history

Similar to the before mentioned museum but with extremely unique aspects that serve to make it much different in many ways in order to educated visitors in a visual way about the history of Catalonia. Explore the eight different areas found on four different floors with artifacts, displays and exhibitions throughout. 

Maritime Museum


The Maritime Museum is dedicated to a specific time in history and covers the period from 1750-1850. Take a step back in time to discover maritime artifacts and displays that help to bring light to what this period of time was like and how far the city and its surroundings have come since then. 

Catalan Museum of Archaeology

Musee d'Archeology

For those interested in ancient archaeology, this museum is a MUST! Filled with a wide range of incredible and interesting archaeology exhibits, artifacts and remains dating back to the ancient times make for a fun and exciting way to learn about what the prehistoric times were like. Although most of it is geared towards the areas of Catalonia, there are also several displays dedicated to the surroundings.