Barcelona Art Museums

Picasso Museum


Opened in 1963 and dedicated to undoubtedly Barcelona’s most favorite “adopted son”, Pablo Picasso who spent a great deal of time in the city creating what are now several famous works of art. Filled with thousands of his pieces within Palau Aguilar, guests can marvel, learn and appreciate some of his most outstanding accomplishments, many of which were donated by his late wife.



Barcelona Centre of Contemporary Culture


Unlike many museums which dedicate themselves to specific and certain time periods throughout history, the CCCB is dedicated to various periods of time and has a wide range of works of art on display for all to enjoy. Discover several different pieces including sculptures, photography, paintings and frescos from Barcelona and throughout the world. 


National Museum of Catalunyan Art


Within the MNAC, there can be found hundreds and hundreds of pieces dating back to over 1,000 years from the 12th century to the 20th century. Throughout the years, there have been multiple sections added to it in order to house several other collections of photography, coins and various other incredible pieces. 


Joan Miro Foundation

Miro BCN

Housed in this open and airy structure designed by Josep Lluis Sert, former dean of the School of Design at Harvard University, is dedicated to the incredible works and successes of Joan Miro. Within it, there are over 225 paintings, 150 sculptures and every single one of Miro’s graphic works including 5,000 drawings. 

The Dali Museum

Dali Museum

Although this museum is not exactly located in Barcelona city limits, it is only a short train or car ride away in Figueres. It can make for the perfect day outing where you can explore the largest collections of Salvador Dali’s works. This is one of the most famous and popular museums throughout all of Northern Spain and is not to be missed!


Gaudi House Museum

Gaudi Museum

If you are heading to Park Guell, then you MUST visit the Gaudi House Museum located within its walls and although not designed by Gaudi himself, it is an excellent tribute to all of his other works including the park itself.