Picasso Museum

Located within the famous El Born of Barcelona, the Picasso Museum is not to be missed while paying a visit to this beautiful Spanish city. Opened back in the year of 1963, the museum showcases some of Picasso’s most famous works from his youth inside the beautiful Palacio de Berenguer d’Aguilar building, which was once an old city palace from the 15th century. 

Picasso Museum Barcelona

Wander about through the museum and gaze upon works from 1895-1904 such as the Meninas series and others that have gradually been added to the museum in dedication to his incredible gift and talent that the entire world has come to recognize and appreciate. As of 1982, Picasso’s wife, Jacqueline dedicated a 41-piece collection of ceramics created between the years 1947-1965 and all created by Picasso himself. 


If you happen to find yourself in Barcelona any day of the week besides Monday, the Picasso Museum is an absolute must-see and is extremely easy to get to. Being within El Born area, there are easy accesses to it including both on foot from Barceloneta and by metro, which has two stops nearby the museum.

It is an excellent place for the entire group of friends or entire family to enjoy and appreciate while spending time in Barcelona. Once you are finished taking in all that the Picasso Museum has to offer, head out to one of the many restaurants and cafes nearby to enjoy tapas and drinks. 

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Because of Barcelona being considered home by Picasso, there are many ways in which his art can be re-lived and experienced throughout the city by its visitors. Head to the famous, Els Quatre Gats (The Four Cats) Café where he spent much of his time in the years 1899 and 1900 not only meeting up with other artist friends but where he set up his very first art expedition.  After a brief trip to Paris, Pablo again returned to Barcelona where he began in what we known as the Blue Period of art. Inspired by the streets and people of Barcelona, he created art of landscapes, beggars and prostitutes that are now enormously famous today.