With numerous fun and interactive activities for nearly every age and a plethora of sea creatures to discover, a visit to this particular aquarium is a guaranteed time full of excitement and thrill. 

Aquarium of Barcelona

For those brave souls out there looking for a thrill of a lifetime, why not consider diving with the sharks? No need to worry, this is not your typical dive you would imagine seeing as you are protected by a steel cage and only inches away from some incredible and fierce looking sharks. Not only will you get to see sharks but you will also get to experience some colorful and beautiful fish in a much more up close and personal way than you are used to!

If the diving with sharks is not exactly your cup of tea, then simply experience this world’s largest Mediterranean-themed aquarium by standing outside of the tanks of the sharks, penguins and rays during the feeding times throughout the day. Watch as the penguins go crazy over the fish being thrown at them and the sharks snatch up one of their many meals of the day! Enjoy your visit and buy your Aquaruim of Barcelona tickets in Ticketbar!

Wander throughout the entire aquarium and you are sure to find an activity that is perfect for any and all ages that may be accompanying you during your trip. Getting the chance to get up close and personal to so many beautiful and rare sea creatures is truly an opportunity that you will surely never forget and a time you can always look back on and reminisce with your family and friends that were right there with you.