Joan Miro


Opened in 1975 and brought on by the artist himself to guarantee that his work would be guaranteed an appropriate setting and location for future generations to come, Joan Miro Foundation is surely not to be missed while visiting Barcelona

Miro Fundation Front


Filled with collections from of course the artist himself as well as other individuals who contributed to the foundation, the Joan Miro Foundation is one of the most comprehensive worldwide collections of one of the most universal Catalan painters. As you wander about through the museum, you may feel as if you have just taken a step into what the artist’s life was truly like. You will get the chance to gaze upon some of his early works as well as his latest works that were completed just before his passing. There are a total of over 14,000 art pieces that include ceramics, sketches, paintings and sculptures of which all are unique and different in their own ways. Because of the enormous waiting lines we advise you to buy your Joan Miro Museum tickets online at Ticketbar!


Scupture Miro


The building was designed by his personal friend and accomplished architect, Josep Lluis Sert where he was able to incorporate important elements of Mediterranean architecture combined with concepts of Rationalist architecture to make a beautiful and timeless structure. Not only area you able to wander about through the interior of the museum but also head out to the central courtyard, which allows for the perfect place to sit back and ponder the incredible works of art that were just seen. 


Miro Statut


Once you are finished viewing everything that can be seen within the Joan Miro Museum, head out to the lovely park that surrounds out and find yourself within close walking distance to several other attractions of the city.