Casa Mila

Casa Mila commonly being called “la Pedrera”, covers a total area of over 100 meters that include two massive circular patios. Wandering through this house you will possibly notice that nearly every single part of it, whether it is a bedroom, living room or rest area, is exposed to some sort of sunlight. Gaudi designed it this way on purpose as he felt it was an important aspect of a house in general. 


The entire house is also in fact made of natural stones, making it surprisingly not as colorful as some of his other many works throughout the city. Although the color may be lacking, the intricate and complex design throughout the entire house is absolutely present. 

Head to the top of the roof where you will find a rather interesting and large ensemble of surrealistic chimneys. Each one is unique and different compared to the other and act as almost small statues or sculptures scattered throughout. This is just one of the many interesting features and aspects of the house as a whole that you can discover while visiting Casa Mila. You can discover the Gaudi's design and buy the skip-the-line tickets for Casa Mila!


This World Heritage Site is full of rich history, unique architectural design and plenty of public activities and events that are held there each year for those who choose to visit. Though there have been changes made throughout the building during the past years, the beauty that was implemented from the beginning still stands present today.

From the colorless yet fascinating outside to the beautifully designed interior within the walls, you will surely find that this is one sight that is not to be missed while in Barcelona.