Casa Batllo

Antonio Gaudi finished the redesign in 1904 and since then, it has been refurbished several times after that yet still holds that same beauty as it did over one hundred years ago. 

Casa Batllo by Night

As with any of Gaudi’s works, there are notable unique features such as the lower floor that includes irregular oval windows and unusual tracery throughout. Sculpted stone work is seen in various parts of the structure and unlike Casa Mila, it is in fact very colorful with mosaics made from broken ceramic tiles that are found amongst the many other fascinating features you can discover by booking the Casa Batllo tickets

Many say that the roof resembles that of a dragon or dinosaur seeing as it is completely arched. Though there are several common theories as to the meaning behind some of what Gaudi constructed for this structure, the truth will most likely never be revealed and always keep people guessing and wondering what went on in his mind when doing what he did best. 

Casa Batllo Barcelona Front View

Another unusual space found in Casa Batllo is the loft, which was formerly a service area that included laundry rooms and storages areas for the different apartments in the building. However, today it appears to exude a very Mediterranean influence throughout with its very white walls and blue mosaic windows. It is also made up of sixty different Catenary arches making it look as if it is a replica of an animal’s ribcage. 

One of the most pleasurable things to do while there is not only come up with your own ideas of Gaudi’s thoughts and intentions while designing Casa Batllo but to also pay close attention to the little details that make the structure as a whole an incredibly unique, impressive and influential piece of design that it is today.