Barcelona Neighborhoods


Each area or barrio of Barcelona has distinctive characteristics and a different way of life. Barceloneta will charm you with an amazing and long beach, lines of palmtrees, surfers and random street musicians and a confusing puzzle of small streets each of them letting you to discover more and more about living just next to the beach. Head to El Born just next to famous Barceloneta to enjoy some of the most hip places in the city. Barrio Gotico can not be missed and let yourself to get lost at the labyrinth of all the small, gotic streets each hiding amazing cafes, restaurants and shops. 

street barcelona


If it is beautiful coastline and soaking up the sun that you enjoy, then Barceloneta may just very well be your new favorite place. Pristine beaches scattered throughout, there is never a shortage of a place to dig your feet into the warm sand or dive right into the turquoise waters. Though it can get rather busy during the summer months, you are sure to find a spot where you can relax and take in all that the beach has to offer.

Barceloneta View

While not lying on the beach, walk along the lengthy boardwalk where restaurants, bars and nightclubs are plentiful and far from few. Whether you want to enjoy tapas in a relaxed atmosphere or spend a few more bucks at one of the nicer sit-down restaurants, it is all available right at your fingertips and within a short walk away from the beach whenever you need it. Barceloneta restaurants such as FOC and Maka Maka seem to be changing the boulevard and paving the way for even more great newcomers to join.

The entire neighborhood of Barceloneta offers its guests the perfect mix of both old atmosphere and new entrepreneurship where there is the right amount of both to suit each and every guests preferences and needs during a visit to the this extraordinarily beautiful part of Barcelona, Spain.


Barri Gotic, otherwise known as the Gothic Quarter to most tourists is a place filled with an incredibly rich history, ancient buildings and numerous streets perfect for wandering and exploring. Named the Gothic Quarter due to its serving as a Roman village many years ago and although changes have been made to it, many more recently built buildings can still be found within mere steps of an ancient one. 

Being a rather large area of Barcelona, it may take some getting used to and gaining your bearings but wandering and meandering about the area is noted as the best way to do so. Walk amongst the many unique and beautiful buildings and structures including massive cathedrals, several placas (town squares), courtyards and of course some great restaurants and bars to enjoy. 

Gothic Quarter Barcelona

If one there is one thing that is for certain when paying a visit to the Gothic Quarter, it is that you will be far from bored and nothing short of complete entertained as there is so much to see, explore and discover at nearly every turn. Whether you head there during the day, evening or late into the night, there is always something fun and exciting happening; from shopping in the commercial area of Calle Portal de L’Angel to drinking and dancing in Placa Sant Jaume. 

With metro stops on both sides of the Gothic Quarter as well as being in the midst of the center of the city, you will find that you are never too far from anything that beautiful Barcelona has to offer. Full of wonder, sights and attractions only steps away from wherever you may be, you are surely going to enjoy your time exploring the Gothic Quarter and enjoying all that its streets and surroundings have to offer each of its guests. 


If you are looking for a very hip, fashionable and happening place while visiting the vibrant city of Barcelona, then look no further than the well-known El Born district and area. Packed full of rich culture, history to be witnessed at the many museums and an endless list of great restaurants and bars, El Born is one place you will surely fall in love with in no time at all. 

El born

Walk down its many streets and alleyways and find what used to be a small Medieval area and has now become an ever growing and thriving area popular with both locals and tourists. No matter what time of the day you head to El Born, you are sure to find plenty of places to pay a visit to, streets to explore and sights to be discovered. Although El Born is known for its great nightlife, you will find that in the mornings and during the day there is still so much to be done!

If you are hoping to learn a little more about the history and past of the area and the city in general, head to the famous Picasso Museum or the Textile Museum, where you can enjoy a welcoming café and terrace that is attached to it. Be sure to also make your way to the beautiful church you are sure to not miss and if you are lucky there might even be a wedding taking place that you can witness!

With its incredible location being right in between Via Laietana and Barceloneta as well as its easy access from both foot and metro, El Born is a place where you can find and wander about with no problems at all. Whether you want to indulge yourself with the many shopping opportunities there, gain a better understanding of art and history or simply looking for a fun night out on the town, El Born will surely not disappoint.



This is an old Catalan neighborhood that used to be  a village, now grown together with Barcelona. It s famous for its many squares. Check out the following:
Placa de la villa de Gracia is the main square where you can still see the old town hall. With the belltower in the middle and surrounded by a few very nice restaurants and Terraces. Bo for instance is a very good Tapas place on this square. At the same time this square turns into a playground for children, because the locals all meet here after school time. Or sit down on one of the benches and enjoy the scenery. 

Placa del Sol. A nice big square where there is always sun (sol) so chose one of the many terraces whether you want shade or sun. This is the place where the youngsters gather, a nice alternative mix of people. Place to visit: Cafe Sol Soler.
Perhaps walk through the nice shopping street Carrer Verdi on your way to Placa de la Virreina. An even more impressive square, with the usual Nice terraces. 


El Raval is vibrant, historic, authentic and full of personality. It is a lively, multi-cultural neighbourhood with a huge variety of tempting cafes, restaurants and bars. The area has also become fashionable being host to a wide variety of art studios, galleries and trendy bookshops, not to mention the imposing MACBA (museum of modern art) and CCCB which is the neighbouring exhibition centre. If you are a seasoned traveller then I would have no hesitation in recommending this area if you want to experience an authentic and stimulating Barcelona neighbourhood. 


El Raval is alive all through the day and night so you will never be without an eatery to entice you in the early hours of the morning. El Raval offers a central location within walking distance of many of the other popular areas such as the Gothic Quarter and Eixample. The nearest metro stops are on Las Ramblas, Barcelona's most famous street which runs up one side of El Raval.

You must have heard of the Boqueria by now! A fantastic place, the biggest food market of Europe. Where the chef cooks do their shopping as well as poorer peple from the Raval. But did you know that if you go a bit further through the market you will many nice Tapas stalls. They cook with all the fresh products from the market of course. Pinochio is the most famous one, but This market sure has a lot of competition.