The Hotel section offers you an overview of the hotels in Barcelona and helps you to make the best decision regarding the accommodation. We highly offer you planning your trip ahead and making the booking in an advance, especially during the high season!

Hotels in the Center of Barcelona 

If you want to spend the time wisely and be as close as possible to the main attractions like Sagrada Familia, Casa Mila and Park Guell, an accommodation in the city centre will be the best choice. There are endless opportunities in centre of Barcelona - from hotels directly on busy La Rambla to the beach hotels.


Tips for finding the accommodation in Barcelona

  • Book in advance - Be aware that Barcelona is very common destination for holidays thus booking the accommodation in advance is crucial and not only during the high season!
  • Use only official websites like for booking and avoid the scams!
  • Look for the apartments also outside the center - you will experience local life and avoid noice and crowds, in addition, you might save some money and overall have better experience.
  • Before booking the accommodation make a list of the places you are willing to visit in the city and estimate which might be the best and most cenvenient location for your accommodation!