Bed and Breakfast in Barcelona

Another option the city offers is plenty of Bed and Breakfast or so called b&b type hotels. See our selected list for choosing the best for your vacation.

Exiample district

Bird house

Bird House Barcelona

Whether you are an early bird that likes to go sightseeing or a bird that prefers a night out with friends, at Bird House you will feel at home!


Gracia district

Barna House B&B

Barna House B&B

In a century building between Gràcia and Eixample districts, we refurnished this apartment for your pleasure trying to keep the essence of the era, when wide spaces and high ceiling were a trend. Have a look to the elevator. It’s at least 100 years old! And they keep on working.


Sarrià-Sant Gervasi district

Ca la Maria

B&B Ca la Maria

Ca La Maria Bed & Breakfast Barcelona is a boutique hotel located in Eixample in a 1920’s building, where comfort, contemporary art and high quality cooking experience share the same place.


The Conica Deluxe

b&b Conica Barcelona

The Conica Bed & Breakfast Deluxe is a luxury hostel in the best part of the Barcelona Eixample. The perfect place for tourists who want to experience the comfort of a hotel and the peacefulness and freedom of a private home. 350 m from Paseo de Gracia.